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Resolutions? Maybe Not...

How often do we start out the year with a list of things we plan to complete, finish, or do?

How often do we actually complete these lists? Do we set ourselves up for failure from the very beginning? How about this year, we try something different...wing it! Do whatever pops into your mind on any given day. Don't put the thought aside and say I'll get to it later.

It may seem scary to act on the spur of the moment with no structure, and no distinct outlined schedule. Push past the scary and let yourself go...let your imagination take you on new journeys. Use the freedom of unbridled artistry and see where it takes you.

Now I realize most of us have schedules we need to stick to, jobs to do, and people to take care of. I'm not suggesting you throw all that aside, I'm just suggesting this... in your free time, rather than making that long list that rarely gets finished, try something new, something different, or even something you haven't managed to do in the past that keeps calling to you.

Free yourself!

*Please note, this short article is not endorsed or supported by anybody...just a wacky way to look at the new year and where you will go in it.

Happy New Year!

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