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Santa Claus is Coming to Town...

From our first childish drawing of Santa to our current versions of Santa that we paint...

we encounter so many different ways to 'craft' Santa. Here is a fun pictorial of some of those incarnations...

Drawing Santa at a young age. How many remember our first portrait of Santa?

Santa Coloring Page. Coloring is one of the first arts we practice, I remember adding color to many a Santa!

Ceramic Santa ... white like a piece of chalk, we couldn't wait to add red and green and so many more hues.

Ceramic Santa Painted. Practice made perfect as we progressed from our first attempt.

A Cotton Ball Bearded Santa. Who doesn't remember making a Santa out of a paper plate and cotton balls.

A Crafty Diorama. Adding different pieces to a puzzle that would shout Santa. Perhaps a first attempt at mixed media.

Graphics Santa, used in ads, etc. Many Santa themed arts and crafts were inspired by advertising using such graphics as this.

Another Ceramic Santa. Ceramics offered so many styles of Santa.

Hand-painted and Screen Printed Toys. Toys often depicted Santa, there were many, some screen printed like the one above and a lot of hand-painted with love styles.

Grafitti Art. Santa even entered into the realm of graffiti.

Santa Graphic. Another wonderful graphic.

Merry Christmas in July!

All photos credit - Pixabay, Pexels. Unsplash & Graphics Fairy.

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