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Scarecrows in Art

A pictorial essay.

Who doesn't remember seeing a scarecrow in a field as a fall or Halloween decoration? How about the appearance of a very famous scarecrow in Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz? How many books and movies have featured a scarecrow, sometimes portrayed in a charming way, and other times, they appear in a downright terrifying way?! From Buster Keaton's scarecrow to the villain in Batman, they all have a place in American culture and have fast become a favorite painting subject for decorative painters. Take a stroll through these fields...

The Scarecrow by Joaquim Vayreda. Circa1883-1885. Public domain.

Ray Bolger, The Wizard of Oz. Circa 1939. Public domain image.

Scarecrow. Drawing by Carus. Circa 1910-1915 Public domain.

Photo Credit - Eric Deeran, Unsplash.

Photo credit - Mateusz Raczynski, Unsplash.

Advertisement for Buster Keaton's move, the Scarecrow. Circa 1920. Public domain image.

Aufruhr im Feld by Morita Muller. Circa 1911. Public domain.

Dorothy and the Scarecrow, taken from Wizard of oz book, circa 1900.

War advertisement. Author unknown. Circa 1939-1946.

Seite 27 des Buches "Lass Dir was erzählen". By von L.Mack, Reime von Emil Wolff.

Circa 1890. Public domain.

Cover photo credit - Melody Ayres Griffiths - Unsplash.

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