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Scary... A Pictorial Essay.

These works of art, from various artists of the past, may induce that raised adrenaline feeling.

These creations may be far from the fun Halloween art we produce as decorative artists.

Please...take a walk through this gallery...

Not the usual image when you think of Van Gogh...

Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette by Vincent Van Gogh, circa 1884. Oil on canvas.

Forever a mystery...

Stonehenge by James Ward, circa 1845. Watercolor over pencil.

Definitely the stuff of nightmares...

The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli, circa 1781. Oil on canvas.

This next one is scary in a different kind of way...

The Halloween Lantern Car, a postcard, circa 1914.

A sense of foreboding...

The Premonition by Henryk Weyssenhoff, circa 1893. Oil on canvas.

Lonely souls are wandering...

The Night by Aksel Waldemar Johannessen, circa 1920. Oil on canvas.

...and perhaps my favorite...painted after the artist attended a Halloween party in 1832.

Snap Apple Night by David Maclise, circa 1833. Oil on canvas.

All images presented are in the public domain.

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