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Scary Trio

by Linda Lineman of Lineman’s Porcelain & Painted Memories

Who doesn’t think of spiders, cats & pumpkins at Halloween time? Here’s a fun project using all three. I used an oval paper mâché box to paint them on, but you could paint them on any surface.

Project Supplies:

Usual painting supplies, stylus, paper towels, etc.

Hallmark® &/or American Greeting® Halloween Tissue Paper

Deco Art Americana Paints

Mod Podge®

Royal® Transfer Paper Grey Graphite RD206

Surface: You can use any surface for this project. I used a 6 ½ x 8 x4” oval paper mâché box.


DecoArt® Americana:

DA01 Snow White

DA358 Light Sage

DA359 Morning Mist

DA067 Lamp (Ebony) Black

DA229 Jack-O-Lantern Orange

DA016 Burnt Orange

DA012 Tangerine

DA010 Cadmium Yellow

DA168 Golden Straw

DA392 Deep Ochre

DA063 Burnt Sienna

DA155 Soft Black

DA275 Sour Apple

DA129 True Red

DA265 Tuscan Red


DS19 DuraClear Gloss Varnish or DAS12 DecoArt Gloss Spray Finish


Royal & Langnickel®

¾" Langnickel 3060 Combo Angle

#8 Royal 9150 Shader

#10 Royal Square Shader

5/0 Royal RG 595 USA

30/0 Monogram Mini Majestic series 4200M

Painting Instructions:

Base the bottom of the paper mâché box inside & out with Lamp Black. Paint the inside of the lid and the rim with Lamp Black. I cut the black and white striped tissue paper to fit the bottom. Brush Mod Podge over the bottom and attach the tissue paper to the box. I didn’t want the white stripe to be bright so I painted a very light wash of Lamp Black over the tissue. Set aside.

Paint the top of the lid using Snow White. Cut a different Halloween tissue paper to fit the outside rim of the box. Paint a layer of Mod Podge on the outer rim and place the tissue paper on it. When dry paint a layer of the Mod Podge over all the tissue paper on both the lid & bottom.

Next using Light Sage, Morning Mist & Lamp Black sponge around the edges of the top of the box. This can be as light or dark as you like.

Paint the moon using Light Sage & add shadow areas with Morning Mist.

The pumpkin is painted with Jack-O-Lantern Orange, shadow using Burnt Orange and then use Tangerine for the highlights. Base the eyes, nose & mouth with Snow White. Then paint with Cadmium Yellow and outline with Lamp Black.

The broom is done with Golden Straw, Deep Ochre, and burnt Sienna.

Paint the cat using Soft Black and shadow with Lamp Black. Base the cat’s eyes, nose & mouth with Snow White. Put Tuscan Red on the mouth and inside of the ears. Use a light wash of Lamp Black over the nose and use Sour Apple for his eyes. When painting the whiskers paint Snow White on the black cat face & blackout in the background.

The hat is done using Lamp Black, and Soft Black, and the highlight is Morning Mist. Paint the band with Snow White, create the stripes using True Red, and edge them with Tuscan Red.

The spider and the web are made using Lamp Black. Use Morning Mist to make the eyes & smiling mouth.

This is an easy pattern for beginners & fun for any skill level.

Download Original WORD File Here.

Download Line Drawing Here.

Linda Lineman


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