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Scrolling for Valentines!

by Linda Lineman of Lineman’s Porcelain & Painted Memories

This is a very simple project with just a few colors that can make a wonderful fun Valentine's gift. Of course, it can be used as a gift anytime you want to let someone know you love them.


Surface: You can use any heart shape Plaque for this project. I had a 4-inch heart that has a 3” tall wire hanger.


DecoArt® Americana:

DA129 True Red

DA240 Cool White

DA503 Deco Art Americana Multi-Surface Satin Pink Cadillac


DS19 DuraClear Gloss Varnish or DAS12 DecoArt Gloss Spray Finish


Royal & Langnickel®:

5/8 Langnickel 5060 Combo

Langnickel 5000 Royal Sable

#1 Liner Mini Majestic 4200L

30/0, Monogram Mini Majestic series 4200M

0 Royal Soft Grip SG 1250


The usual painting supplies, stylus, paper towels, etc.

Royal Transfer Paper White Graphite RD201 - If you want to trace

White pencil #558

Deco Art Writer Tips DAS254


I based the heart using True Red on both sides and the edges.

I drew the scrolls with a white charcoal pencil. I start out making elongated ‘c’ strokes. I put them back-to-back without touching. In some places, I “tie” the scrolls together with a “rope”. When designing scrolls, you can do any or all of the following: add some lines, add small connecting scrolls, add a ladder, and use the end of a brush to make dots and put them wherever you need to tie them together. Now if you decide you don’t want to try to draw your own scrolls you can trace them on. (There is no one drawing. You can print the photo and trace lines from it if needed.)

Using your brush and the cool white, start to paint your scrolls. When you are done with the white scrolls. Take the Pink Cadillac and shadow the white scrolls. Put the pink on top of some lines & under some of the others. Adding the pink – softens the look.

I chose to add words on the back using one of the Deco Art Writer Tips on the Cool White bottle of paint. At first, I was going to add words like on the candy hearts “Be Mine” and “Love You”, but then I decided to make it a little bit sweeter. I wrote, “Real Love Never Ends”.

Have fun with these scrolls. This is an easy pattern for beginners & fun for any skill level. Ok ready? Set? Let’s GO & have FUN!!

Design & Photos ©2023 Linda Lineman - Lineman's Porcelain & Painted Memories


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