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It is amazing that something that brings us together with a threat to humanity also brings out the humanity in so many. One thing I have noticed as we all social distance is the amount of artists, designers, creatives and others who have generously donated their art, their talent, their creativity to others in order to help them navigate these unusual times.

From numerous online designers offering free patterns to a Disney artist giving free lessons, from a crafter's mall owner sewing masks and giving them away for free to so many others online doing the same, from creative ideas for kids to the simple sharing of what has been created, the spirit of giving seems to have surpassed even Christmas itself.

It makes one proud to be a part of a creative society where supporting each other has risen above less pleasant aspects of our shared experience.

Kudos to all of you who have gone extra that mile for your fellow beings. May this spirit outlast the threat that brought us all together.

Photos Credit - Pixabay - Suznne Jutzeler suju-foto , Lolame, Manfiled Richter, Wokandapix.

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