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Simply Boo-tiful!

Simply Boo-tiful! By Diane Marie Kellogg

Introduction These charming pumpkins are all dolled up for the Halloween season. Painted on a single brick, they are a fun and easy project. SUPPLIES


Standard 4” x 8” brick. Lowe's Home Improvement or Home Depot.

DecoArt Americana Palette

Antique Maroon 160

Burnt Orange 16

Burnt Umber 64

Foliage Green 2269

Georgia Clay 17

Heritage Brick 219

Jack O' Lantern Orange 229

Margarita 299

Midnight Blue 85

Sable Brown 61

Saffron Yellow 273

Soft Black 155

Terra Cotta 62

Warm White 239

Wasabi Green 296

Mediums by DecoArt

Chalky Gesso – Dark Grey CG28

DecoArt Americana Matte Spray DAS13

Brushes by Royal & Langnickel Aqualon Glaze/Wash R2700 1” (For base coating larger areas) Aqualon Rounds R2250 Nos. 4, 8 (For base coating smaller areas) Aqualon Liner R2595 10/0 (For line work & tight space)

Mini Majestic 4200M 30/0 (For line work)

Zen Angular Shader Brush 1/2” 13mm Z73A ( For shading)

Miscellaneous Supplies

DecoArt Value Kraft Spider Stencil AS301

White Chalk Pencil or White Transfer Paper



Craft Sponge

PREPARATION Clean brick well, if new a good brushing off will usually suffice.



Base coat brick with Chalky Gesso Dark Grey. I applied two coats. The more you apply, the smoother the surface. Stencil spider webs onto background using Margarita, define with 30/0 liner brush, if desired. You can choose to fly' speck (spatter) the background now (with Margarita) or after finishing the pumpkins. (I did this step after.)

Using transfer paper and stylus, (or chalk pencil, rubbing back of line drawing with chalk, then using stylus), transfer base pattern of pumpkin shapes and stems. (**You will transfer features, leaves, etc. after the base coats have dried.**)

Jack O' Lanterns

1. Faces Base center pumpkin with Burnt Orange**, shade with Heritage Brick. Add a second light shading of Burnt Umber. High light with Jack O' Lantern Orange and then again with a touch of Saffron Yellow. The other two pumpkins are based with Georgia Clay**, shaded with Antique Maroon. High light with Jack O' Lantern Orange and then again with a touch of Saffron Yellow.

2. Eyes, nose & mouth Base with Soft Black. High lights are Saffron Yellow. Dots in eyes are Saffron Yellow with smaller dots of Warm White.

3. Stems & VinesStems and vines are based with Terra Cotta shaded with Burnt Umber. The high light is Sable Brown. Use 30/0 liner brush and Burnt Umber to add line work to stems.

4. LeavesLeaves are based with Foliage Green, shaded with Burnt Umber. The high light is done with Wasabi Green. Line work is Burnt Umber.

5. Shading around pumpkins is done with Midnight Blue. The edges of the brick are also sponged lightly with the Midnight Blue.

6. Don't forget to fly' speck or spatter if you haven't already. Try to avoid the pumpkins and hit just the background.

7. Lettering – The words are simply done with Foliage Green and Warm White (for BOO).

FINISHING Spray with matte spray to finish. For outdoor use, coat with your choice of non-yellowing outdoor sealer. Time to trick or treat!

Tip - Try painting this design on other surfaces...resize to paint on the bottom of an apron or a Halloween treat bag. Shrink it to use on a domino for a pin or necklace. ©2019 Diane Marie Kellogg www.oilcreekoriginals.com questions@oilcreekoriginals.com


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