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Sketch Pad - Daily Post March 10, 2021

Today's daily post will start off with the quote of the day...

Quote of the Day - "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."

Pablo Picasso

What a great idea, even though I'm sure Picasso probably never thought of the ways artists today would find art journaling a fun and creative way to create!

Art journal, the practice of saving your art in a journal or diary, has become very popular in today's society. You can find numerous projects online for classes, techniques, and even free projects. Your art journal can be an adventure in mixed media, using multiple techniques to fill your pages. They also offer a way to look at your work over a period of time. A great way to reflect on what makes your art unique.

Be sure to do an online search, there is so much info out there, and check to see if your favorite designers offer art journaling patterns or classes.

Here are a few randomly chosen links to get you started...

What is an Art Journal?

Ideas for Art Journals

Photo Credits - Unsplash.Com - Various Artists & DigiArtbyDi

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