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Sketch Pad - January 11, 2021

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Today let's take a quick look at 'the Arts'. We have all heard the term but sometimes finding the meaning can be varied.

Merriam Webster defines 'the arts' as "painting, sculpture, music, theater, literature, etc., considered as a group of activities done by people with skill and imagination".

The 'etc.' in this definition leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Growing up we learned the basics in, music, and reading started our journey into a vast world of creativity.

As we progress through life, some of us have pursued the arts as a career while others do so as a hobby. Some have come to the world of the arts at a young age, studying and honing their skills over time while others have made that discovery at a later age yet excel at their endeavors.

Be it painting, sculpture, music, writing, or whatever path you have chosen, it brings you to today. Creativity brings us a certain joy, giving us a way to express ourselves. The arts, encompassing such a wide diversity to choose from, allow us to share our talents.

Do what you love!

Quote of the day

" This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

Henry David Thoreau

Sources - “the arts,” Dictionary, Accessed 1/11/2021.


Photo ©2021 DigiArt by Di

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