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Sketch Pad - January 13, 2021

Today we start ... the alphabet! Using one letter at a time we will list 5 arts & crafts related items or terms and a definition for each.

(Not in alphabetical order.)

Today's letter is A.

1. Acrylics are paints that are a pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Waterbased, they are water-resistant when dry and can easily be manipulated to resemble other paint choices such as oils and watercolors.

2. Adhesives are any of a number of substances that cause things to stick together. From simple school glue to superglue there seem to be adhesives for just about everything.

3. Aprons Not just for cooking anymore, aprons are a covering to protect your clothing. Originally meant for cooking they are now popular in the arts & crafts world.

4. Art Deco A form of design, usually visual and architectural. Popular just before World War 1 and first appearing in France. It gained popularity in the US in the '20s and '30s.

5. Altered Art Modifying or combining existing items and embellishing them to become something new.

Watch for letter B... coming in a future daily blog.

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