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Sketch Pad - January 15, 2021

The Weekend.

We all look forward to it. For most, it means a respite from the workweek. A time to kick back and enjoy some free time. Time to spend with family or alone, some want the close company of those they love while others want the solitude. There are those who work through the weekends, whether by choice or necessity.

Some will take the chance to go for a walk or do some jogging, a trip to the beach, or maybe some sled riding, location often dictates our physical activities. Others may spend the weekend cooking and baking, creating a culinary masterpiece. Some will curl up with a good book or catch that movie on television they have been hankering to see.

In the creative world, many look at the weekend as a time to tackle a project. Personally painting, using the Cricut®, a mixed media project...those are but a few I like to tackle. I usually spend part of the weekend writing, something else I like to do. A walk or two will make me happy too!

Our current world has given many of us much more home time, whether we work from our abode or are there out of a requirement of circumstance. Many have taken the opportunity to use this time wisely. The amount of online entertainment such as classes, instructional videos, and tutorials have given us new outlets for our creativity. The inventiveness of the arts and crafts industry has reached new heights.

So this weekend, choose your activity. Be it any of those mentioned above or something entirely different, enjoy!

Photo Meme - Pixabay.Com

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