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Snow Globe Candle Wrap for Faux Pillar Candles 

By Alise Duerr

Faux candles have become so realistic and are much safer than real wax burning candles. Leaving them up all year I felt they needed to look different for the holidays but with something removable after the season is over. This colored pencil wrap will lie flat for storage after use and is just the thing to add some seasonal bling. It is also adaptable to any size pillar.


Surface - Stonehenge Kraft Paper cut to 4”tall and measure length to fit around your candle with a 1” overlap. Available at (you may use Mi-Tientes Sand Color Paper as alternate)

Prismacolor Premiere Colored Pencils - available from or local craft store

912 Apple Green, 1078 Black cherry, 916 Canary Yellow, 1081 Chestnut, 914 Cream, 925 Crimson Lake,907 Peacock Green, 109 Prussian Green, 938 White, 1077 Colorless Blender

DA01 DecoArt Americana Acrylic Snow White Paint,

Krylon Workable Fixative Spray 1306-available at local craft stores

Misc. Supplies-Hard clipboard to hold paper, pencil sharpener, tracing paper, white and grey graphite paper, pencil, stylus, small liner paintbrush, Krylon Workable Fixative, small piece of Velcro or tape.




Cut your paper to size needed. Trace the line drawing on the tracing paper. Use a pencil and mark off the overlap areas on each end. Secure paper on hard board and find the center between your two marked lines and trace on the main lines of your pattern using white graphite paper.


1. Fill in the leaves and the berries that are on the base of the snow globe with White. Fill in the Christmas tree and the snow area under it also with White.

2. Lightly outline the whole base and top rim with Black Cherry. Shade in inside sides, top, bottom edge and above the lower rim line with Black Cherry.

3. Hi-light the top edge of the rim and the center of the upper base section with Cream.

4. Large holly leaves- Outline with Prussian Green and draw in center vein line. Shade the bottom edges of all leaves and under the center vein line with Prussian Green.

5. HI-light above the center vein on each leaf with Cream.

6. Small leaves on the base-Outline leaves with Prussian Green. Fill in the bottom half of the leaf with Prussian Green and the top half with Cream.

7. Lightly outline the globe glass area with White. In these Step by Step photos I added the

snowflakes with White pencil but later decided White Paint was more effective and done in the last step. You can choose either way.


1. Go over all the leaves filling them in entirely with a light layer of Apple Green-this goes over both the Prussian and Cream.

2. Using an up and down linear stroke fill in all three parts of the tree with Peacock Green. Then darken the lower part of each tree section with heavier pressure of Peacock Green.

3. Fill in all candles and berries with Crimson Lake. Shade the bottom of the berries with Black Cherry.

4. Go over the entire globe bas, skipping holly and berries, with Chestnut-this goes over the

shading and highlight.

5. Fill in tree trunk with Chestnut. Fill in star and candle flames with White and then go over them again with Canary Yellow.


1. Using the Colorless Blender, blend the tree, the base and all holly leaves. Wipe off blender or sharpen between areas.

2. Add lines below the large holly leaves with Peacock Green.

3. Add some White glisten lines in from the edge of the globe following the curve of the glass.

4. Using Chestnut and the side of the pencil tip, add some ground under the design.

5. Using White acrylic paint and the small end of a stylus or toothpick, dot a hi-light on each berry and the snowflakes in the globe (if not done with pencil).

6. When paint lines and dots are dry, spray with several light coats of Krylon Workable Fixative.

Finishing-The easiest way to adhere the paper on the candle is to just use a clear piece of tape on the overlapping parts. You can also a piece of Velcro being careful not to tear paper when removing.

NOTE-Please do not use these on real candles that will be lit!

About Alise

I began taking Tole painting lessons over 40 years ago as “mommy time”. Over the years I took as many classes as I could and finally felt confident enough to start teaching and designing. I have taught at several conventions and have been published. I paint mostly in acrylics but my latest love is colored pencils and my students keep clamoring for more designs. Try this easy project and fall in love with them yourself. More patterns available at

Pattern and related photos copyright Alise Duerr.

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