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Snowman Shelf Sitter

These pieces of wood had been in my stash for years. A little snowman face finally seemed like the right fit for the shape! These are great craft show sellers, quick and easy to paint.

DecoArt Paints

Antique Gold


Burnt Orange

Gooseberry Pink

Lamp Black

Light Buttermilk

Plantation Pine

Rookwood Red

Glamour Dust

Gel Stain - Oak

Spray Sealer


¾” flat - basecoat

½” flat - scarf, shading

20 soft, short round - highlight, cheeks

Stylus - for the highlight on eyes, cheeks

Tin star

Tracing paper

Transfer paper

E-6000 Adhesive


Transfer pattern to the top of the wooden cutout. Basecoat snowman face and below scarf with Light Buttermilk. The scarf is Avocado. It’s likely that it will take 2 coats of both applications. Scrub cheeks onto face with the short round brush, using dry brush technique and Gooseberry Pink. Dot eyes with Lamp Black with the end of the paintbrush. Use liner brush to paint thin eyebrows, eyelashes, and mouth. The nose is formed by dotting Burnt Orange with the stylus and dragging until it comes to a point. Dot eyes and cheeks with highlights and Light Buttermilk.

Shade the scarf with Plantation Pine, under the chin and under the fold of the scarf. Stripes are Rookwood Red. I like to drybrush Light Buttermilk in the center of the scarf using a light touch.

Allow to dry thoroughly and seal with acrylic spray. Stain with Oak stain, front, and back of the wood piece. The stain really warms up the look of the snowman. The star is painted with Antique Gold and embellished with Glamour Dust. Glue to scarf with E-6000. Done!

Original Word File

Line Drawing - No additional File - Print Photo and size as needed, if needed. *Editor Tip - Adjust the pattern to fit your odd-shaped piece of wood.

Mary Lynn Parson is a very accomplished artist and designer with many talents. Be sure to visit her Etsy shop, School Street Primitives, to see more of the unique and wonderfully whimsical art she creates! School Street Primitives Shoppe!

Photo & Pattern ©2021 Mary Lynn Parson - School Street Primitives

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