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Snowy Friends

Designed by Nancy Scott, CDA


Wooden snowman ornament cut out available from DePalma’s Custom Woodcrafts.


DecoArt® Americana acrylics:

DA160 Antique Maroon

DA016 Burnt Orange

DA259 Cocoa

DA089 Cool Neutral (Discontinued) Replace with DA319 Burlap

DA018 Country Red

DA269 Foliage Green

DA168 Golden Straw

DA133 Hauser Dark Green

DA132 Hauser Medium Green

DA067 Lamp Black

DA345 Scarlet

DA01 Snow Titanium White


Base coat ornament with Cool Neutral. Let dry and apply the pattern leaving off details.


Float Cocoa to shade softly under the hat, around arms, under the nest area, and above snow mounds. Float Titanium White to highlight the arms, the lower part of the face, and around the entire bottom of the snowman. Float Titanium White to the tops of the snow mounds. Repeat the highlight several times to make it bright enough.


Paint the hat with Lamp Black. Paint the band with Country Red.

Shade the sides of the band with floats of Antique Maroon. Float a back-to-back highlight approximately in the middle of the band with Scarlet. Dry and repeat.

Mix Titanium White with a tiny touch of Lamp Black to make a medium grey color. Float this light value in the upper right corner of the hat and narrowly across the bottom edge of the brim.

With a liner, add some Titanium White snow to the brim.


Paint Lamp Black eyes and mouth. Add a highlight dot to the eyes with the grey mix you used for the hat. The nose is painted Burnt Orange. Brush mix in a little Burnt Umber and

stroke some of this darker value along the bottom edge. Add some light across the top of the nose with a brush mix of Scarlet and Golden Straw.


Paint with Hauser Medium Green. Form the folds with floats of Hauser Dark Green. Float highlight over the folds with Foliage Green. Paint the stripes and fringe with Scarlet. Brush-mix in a little Golden Straw with the Scarlet for a lighter value and stroke this on the stripes where they are on the lightest part of the scarf. Re-float Hauser Dark Green over the shaded areas of the scarf to tone down the stripes if necessary.


Paint with Country Red. Float a narrow shade of Antique Maroon under his wing and streak some of this with the chisel edge of your brush out on to his tail. Float a narrow highlight of Scarlet on his wing, his chest, and pull a little bit up on the top of his head.

Paint his face with Lamp Black and his beak with Golden Straw.


Loosely base in the area with a semi-washy Burnt Umber. With a liner add lots of fine twigs using Burnt Umber, Cocoa, Golden Straw, and just a few of Cool Neutral.


The trees at the bottom have a Burnt Umber trunk and branches. Stroke on lots of fine needles with Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Medium Green, and Foliage Green. Tap on some Titanium

White snow. Pull up a few blades of Burnt Umber grasses. Add tiny stylus dots of Titanium White snow.


Paint the back of the ornament with any of the colors from the palette. Maybe stencil some

snowflakes or add a holiday sentiment. Varnish as desired and hang with a ribbon.



Design & Photos ©Nancy Scott, CDA

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