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Snowy Village

by Marie-Lou Denis


Your natural nails or white press-on nails. You can get those at Sally’s beauty.

Editor's Note- I'd love to see these fun miniature paintings done on thimbles or spools.


Decoart Americana acrylic paint:

- DA240 Cool White

- DA06 Pineapple

- DAO12 Tangerine

- DA269 Foliage Green

- DAO53 Mistletoe

- DAO31 Baby Pink

- DA270 Ocean Blue

- DA304 Zinc

- DA236 Honey Brown

- DA326 Peacock Teal

- DA42 Baby Blue


- Princeton Select Short Liner 18/0

- Princeton Select Flat shader #6

- Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼

Other materials

- Paper palette

- Dotting tool

- Makeup sponge

- White polish (Sally Hansen “White On”)

- Base & Topcoat

- Acetone


Start off by washing your hands thoroughly. Then either apply your press-on nails or your base coat nail polish. Let it dry fully and apply 2 coats of white polish on all your nails. When the nails are dry, apply liquid latex to the skin around your finger. Apply a generous coat.


Base: Apply Ocean Blue and Baby Blue on the makeup sponge. Concentrate the gradient at the top of the nail. Do as many coats as needed to reach full opacity.

Snow: Remove the liquid latex and clean up around your cuticles. Using the flat shader #6, paint wavy stripes at the bottom of the nail using Cool White.

Houses: Paint houses using the short Liner 10/0 and the following colors: Baby Pink, Pineapple, Foliage Green, Tangerine, Peacock Teal, and Honey Brown. Do multiple coats or until you reach full opacity.

Snowy roofs & windows: Using the Short Liner and Cool White, paint snowy roofs on top of each house except for the clock tower. Vary the types of roofs, some have pointy edges, some are round. Using the dotting tool and Cool White, add a dot at the top of the clock tower. Using the Short Liner 10/0 and Baby Blue, paint windows on every house. Vary the windows sizes, shapes, and numbers.

Window details: Using Honey Brown and the Short Liner, outline every window. Add a cross inside each window. Using the Short Liner and Cool White, paint snow that has accumulated on the top and bottom of every window.

Firs: Using the Short Liner and Mistletoe, paint on firs. Paint a vertical line first and then add branches in a triangle shape.

Clock tower: Using the Short Liner and Zinc, add 4 lines at each quadrant of the clock. Add the clock hands. Paint on 2 roofs in Tangerine using the Short Liner. As we did for the windows, add snow at the top and bottom of the 2 roofs using the Short Liner and Cool White.

Doors: Using the Short Liner and Honey Brown, paint rectangles for the doors. The clock tower’s door is painted with Zinc. Using the Short Liner and Cool White, paint snow on top of every door.

Chimney: Using the Short Liner and the corresponding colors, paint rectangles for the base of the chimneys following the photo. Add a rectangle using Zinc and the Short Liner on top of the chimneys. Using the Short Liner and Cool White, add snow on the chimneys.

Snow details: Using the Short Liner and Cool White paint snow on each branch of each fir. Do not add too much snow, we still want to be able to see the fir behind it. Using Baby Blue and the Short Liner, add details et the snow on the roof and on the ground. Make fluid lines.

Sky: Using the dotting tool and Cool White, add snow falling from the sky. Keep the dots small for the best results. Using Pineapple and the dotting tool, add a dot on the left corner of the middle finger. Outline this dot with dotted lines.


Apply a Matte Top Coat to seal in your design. If you accidentally got some nail polish on your skin, use your Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼ dipped in acetone (or nail polish remover) and clean up your cuticles.

I hope you enjoyed painting this snowy village nail art! You can share it with me on my Instagram : , Facebook: or Twitter:

©2021 Nailing Painting

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