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Spooky Friends!

By Amanda Novaes


Wood Surface 8in x 6in (20cm x 15cm)


Decoart® Americana

DA052 Avocado

DA257 Bleached Sand

DA064 Burnt Umber

DA399 Celery Shoot

DA259 Cocoa

DA131 Hauser Light Green

DA067 Lamp Black

DA194 Marigold

DA273 Saffron Yellow

DA310 Spiced Pumpkin

DA325 Sunny Day

Mediums/ Decoart®:

Americana acrylic sealer/finishers


Royal & Langnickel®:

3/8, 1/2 Angle Majestic R4160

4, 2, Round – Aqualon R2250

20/0 Round Mini Majestic R4200R

04 Shader /flat - Majestic R4150

1/4 Deer foot – SG393

10 Round bristle Brush 0 355-S



Tracing Paper - Graphite Paper


Sand the wood surface and basecoat with Celery Shoot.


Background: Using a round bristle brush with a dry brush technique, Let’s add some colors. On the up corners use Sunny Day then Saffron Yellow. In the same areas, add Spiced Pumpkin. In the center area, add some Hauser Light Green then Avocado. Trace the line drawing.

Pumpkin: The Basecoat is Marigold. The first shading is Spiced Pumpkin. Then Burnt Umber. For the face details, use Burnt Umber. For the carven thickness use Spiced Pumpkin + Burnt Umber (1:1). For the stalk, use the Avocado and shade with Burnt Umber.

Hat and sweater: Basecoat is Marigold. For the knitting, use a small round brush with Bleached Sand. The brush stroke used is the comma shape. It is important to say that following the clothes shape will offer a better look. Avoid straight directions. Shade with Spiced Pumpkin. The sweater embroidery is Lamp Black. The hat decoration is Avocado + Bleached Sand (1:1) for the leaf and the stalks are Burnt Umber.

Bear: Basecoat with Cocoa. Mix Coca + Bleached Sand and add a layer on the bear area using the stippling technique with deerfoot brush. Shade all sections with Burnt Umber (against the clothes, hands, and feet). Then still using the deerfoot brush highlight the bear shape with Bleached Sand. The face details are Lamp Black. Small dots to the eyes shine with Bleaches Sand.

Lettering: The first Layer is Spiced Pumpkin. Then add a Lamp Black Glazing on each letter.


Just add a layer of varnish spray.



Project and Photos ©2023 Amanda Novaes

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