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St. Patrick's Day!

By Amanda Novaes


Wood Surface 8in x 12in (20cm x 30cm)


Decoart® Americana:

Base Flesh - DA136* (Mocha DAO60 - Heritage Brick DA219 - 03.01)

Bleached Sand - DA257

Blue Violet - DA141* (Ultramarine Blue DA225 - Brilliant Purple DA353 - Prussian Blue DA138 -

Bright Yellow - DA227

Burnt Sienna - DAO63

Burnt Umber - DAO64

Charcoal Grey - DAO88

Graphite - DA161

Hauser Dark Green - DA133

Heritage Brick - DA219

Kelly Green - DA055

Leaf Green - DAO51

Light Cinnamon - DA114

Magenta - DA368

Mistletoe - DAO53

Pistachio Mint - DA253

Red Alert - DA301

Slate Grey - DAO68

Soft Black - DA155

Sour Apple - DA275

Sugared Peach - DA354

Sunny Day - DA325

Titanium White - DAO1

Whispering Turquoise - DA305

Yellow Ochre - DAO8

Zinc - DA304




Americana acrylic sealer/finishers


Royal & Langnickel:

3/8, 1/4 Angle Majestic R4160

4, 2, Round – Aqualon R2250

20/0 Round Mini Majestic R4200R

4, 2 White Bristle Interlock R1455

1/2, 3/8 Soft Grip Mop SG1400

8,06 Shader /flat - Majestic R4150

4, 6 - Round Bristle Brush R325



Tracing Paper

Graphite Paper


Sand the wood surface and basecoat with Whispering Turquoise.


Background: Use the Dry brush technique to add each color of the rainbow. (Magenta, Blue Violet, Sour Apple, Sunny Day then Bright Yellow, Red Alert). Let dry. Add a glazing layer on top of each color stripe using the same colors.

Clover: Basecoat with Sour Apple. Shade the core of each Clover with Leaf Green. Using an angle brush Highlight each leaf with Margarita. For the overlap shadows use an angle brush with Charcoal Grey. Add a Heritage brick dot on the center of each shamrock. Add a glazing layer of Charcoal Grey on the spots between each clover. Add some stalks on the spots with Heritage Brick. All set, then shade next to the beard and next to the Pot with Charcoal Grey.

Coat and Hat: Basecoat with Mistletoe. Shade with Kelly Green then Dark Hauser Green. Highlight with Pistachio Mint then Bleached Sand.

Hat Belt: Basecoat with Light Cinnamon. Shade with Soft Black. Basecoat the buckle with Yellow Ochre. Highlight Bleached Sand.

Skin: Basecoat with Sugared Peach. Shade with Base Flesh then Burnt Umber. Counter Line with Base Flesh. Shade the tip of his nose with Heritage Brick. For the cheeks can use a soft pastel (Sanguine) or dry brush with Heritage Brick.

Hair and Beard: Basecoat with Honey Brown. Using a crescent brush add some hair effect with Brunt Sienna. Shade with Burnt Umber. Highlight with Yellow Ochre.

Mouth: Basecoat with Heritage Brick, Soft Black, and Titanium White. Counter Line with Base flesh.

Pot: Basecoat is Zinc. Use Graphite then Soft Black for shading. For Highlight use Slate Grey then Bleached Sand.

Clouds: For the stippling technique you can use a stencil brush, Deerfoot brush, or a stippler brush. They offer similar results. The first layer is Slate Grey then Bleached Sand.


Just add a layer of varnish spray.



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