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Summer Florals - A Pictorial Essay

A random selection of summer floral photographs to inspire your floral paintings.

Roses there any scent or flower quite so romantic? Perhaps one of the most painted flowers in the world. Photo Credit - Mrs. Hall - Pixabay.

A field of lavender... the flower named the same as a color, this just screams 'paint me!'.

Photo Credit - Hans Braxmeier - Pixabay.

Pink...need I say more?

Photo Credit - Hermann & F. Richter - Pixabay

I love tiny flowers, these are so delicate!

Photo Credit - Nancy McRae - Pixabay

Fushcia, such an exotic name for such an exotic flower.

Photo Credit - Jill Wellington - Pixabay

Wildflowers. To sit in a field and paint such an abundance of beauty.

Photo Credit - pasja - Pixabay

The majestic beauty of the water lily.

Photo Credit - Bob Williams - Pixabay

Time to pull those paintbrushes out and start working on the blooms.

Please note, these photos are all from Pixabay. Individual photographers hold the copyrights. Please contact photographers for permission to paint.

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