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Summer thoughts.

Painting for a season.

As summer leads into fall, that one last trip to the beach, one more picnic or one more trip to the amusement park looms around the corner. One last excursion to the lake or the drive-in theater, we want to squeeze in as much as we can to hold us till next year. It makes us, as painters, want to preserve what we witnessed while we enjoyed the pleasures of sunny days and warm breezes.

Be it a watercolor of your beach visit, flowing with blues and beiges, you can almost feel the light gust of wind. It could be an acrylic canvas study of that last picnic, so mouthwatering with it's depiction of yummy foods that you fully expect to see a row of ants carrying it away.

Some may choose to celebrate that magical day at the park or that mystical night at the movies by applying paint to surface. Those adriondack chairs lined up on the edge of the lake are just begging to be painted.

Summer is just waiting for you to remember it.

So don't be sad that the summer of 2019 is almost over. Rejoice in your memories. Grab those brushes and do what you feel. Make summer last a lifetime.

Photo Credits - Pixabay

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