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Sunflowers...a look at the 'unoffical' flower of fall.

Did you know the sunflower is also known as the Helianthus? It's much easier to just say sunflower. There over 70 species of sunflowers,from dwarf species that can top out at 12" tall to giants that have made the Guinness Book of World Records at over 30 feet tall, they tend to average between 5 and 10 feet. The colors are outstanding, especially the traditional yellow with a brown center. However, they do come in a myriad of wonderful colors including oranges, browns, reds, coppers, and there are even bi-colored varieties.

Who can resist painting a field of these beauties? Many over the years have painted just that. From some of the most prolific of artists, we have seen the beauty of sunflowers saved for all to see, well after they have bloomed.

A common subject at many fall festivals and arts and crafts shows, the sunflower appears not only in many a floral arrangement but also in many a painting. From canvas masterpieces to wood cut outs accompanied by scarecrows, sunflowers create a field of color at most of these shows. Some even paint with fabric, creating sunflowers from scraps of calico.

You can't help but be inspired to recreate the stunning colors and overlaying patterns that a sunflower consists of. Where in general the color yellow speaks of caution, in a sunflower it is most welcoming. It's a happy color, teamed with that deep brown center. It speaks of sunshine

From a table top to a painting, you can see the joy sunflowers bring.

Go grab your brushes, find your inner sunflower and paint away!


Photo Credits - Monet & van Gogh artwork - Wiki Commons (Public Domain)

Photo Credits - 2nd,4th & 8th photos - Pixabay.Com, Pexels.Com

Photo Credits - Cover, 5th & 7th - Diane M. Kellogg ©2019

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