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The Art Journal Challenge.

A new challenge…The Art Journal Challenge.

An art journal. You have seen them online. Sometimes done in an old book, sometimes in a new blank journal. How you start your journal will be up to you.

First, decide what format you want. As mentioned above it could be an old book or a new blank journal. It could be done a page at a time and secured together when you have finished. The choice is yours.

I am currently away from home but have a wonderful new journal I plan on using in this challenge. (I will add a photo of it and purchasing history when I get back to the beach next week.) It’s a huge, hand-bound, hand made paper journal that I got for a song. It was love at first sight!

For this challenge, which will last until the end of 2020, I will give you one new challenge every issue. It could be to paint or draw something with a certain theme or it could be to write a poem or a sonnet. You can choose which challenges you would like to do. I will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone on occasion.

The idea is to enjoy what you are doing and to expand your artistic horizons.

So for the first challenge...go get your book. Choose the one that works for you!

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