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The Art of the Word.

Lately, I have seen overwhelming popularity in painted signs. Those with words, many or few. If you go online and do a search the options appear to be unlimited. From hand-painted to screen printed, from Cricut™ created to the use of stencils.

We allow our signs to speak our dreams, our desires. From subway signs that use many words, usually all connected in one way or another to our favorite quotes, we have found a fun way to express ourselves.

Tin signs have been around forever but recently the decorative painter has entered the fun realm of sign painting. Wood, metal, paper...the surfaces vary.

Be it simple or complex we have found a fun way to express ourselves.

Whether a desire or a location

or simply a vacation.

We send greetings, salutations, and more, all with signs.

Be sure to check the blog for fun sign projects, stating with the January 1st issue,

Effie Carayannis has an upcoming project that will make you sparkle!

Photo Credits - Unsplash, Pexels.xom, DigiArtbyDi

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