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The Birds of Summer

This pictorial essay brings you my idea of the birds of summer. I have chosen these birds that speak to me of a wonderfully long, lazy summer day, with lots of sunshine, and these feathered beauties...

The Flamingo. A study in pink.

The Seagull. A visit to the ocean often brings an encounter with seagulls.

The Swan. The serenity of a swan on a lake makes for a dreamy summer day.

The Parrot. One of my favorite birds to watch in flight, they are so colorful.

The Toucan. We all grew up with him while eating our cereal.

The Pelican. I can't picture a dock on the ocean without a pelican.

The Sandpiper. I think I prefer the real one to the Lego® version. I love to watch these little guys run across the beach.

I've tried to show you some of the birds who make me think of summer. Some are only seen in zoos or attractions where I live while others abound in the wild. I hope they all inspire you to pay attention to the birds around us, enjoy their songs and maybe put a little paint on the canvas. Feel free to share your bird paintings with me, perhaps they will be included in a future article. Enjoy your summer!

Email with your paintings!

All Photo Credits - Pixabay -

Photographers listed in order of appearance - Nika Akin, wal_172619, Martina Bulková, David Mark, azazeloc, Mandy Fontana, Rebecca Tregear, photosforyou, Anja Schröder, Martina Bulková, Free-Photos, Andrew Martin, Markéta Machová

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