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The Birds of Winter

The first in a 4 part series about our feathered friends influence in the painting world.

I am a bird watcher. Not the kind who can tell you what every bird you see is but rather that kind who just enjoys watching them. I quite often give a bird that I don't have any idea what they are their own pet name. For instance, the duck that dries his wings who I often see on the pond outside my home...he is now and forever known as Bat Duck!

Now while I am going to talk about certain birds, they are around year round but they are quite often those found in Winter or Christmas paintings. The following is my personal take on birds to paint for the festive holiday season.

One of my favorite birds to watch is one of the birds of Winter, quite often seen in Winter and Christmas art, the regal cardinal. He, along with his lovely bride, say Christmas to me in a way no other bird does. His lovely reds and her warm greens and browns present quite a majestic looking couple. It's just coincidence that they sport Christmas colors.

The Chickadee is another bird I quite often like to see in painted holiday pieces. He is such a cute, cuddly looking little bird. He looks good in a snowy background, perched on a branch amid holly and ivy. I love his shades of blacks and greys against the greens of the foliage and the white of the snow. My sample photo shows him with a bit more yellow then I prefer myself.

The next bird I mention has been seen on the big screen a lot the last few years. A certain movie brought him and his brethren to the forefront of popularity again. I am referring to the beautiful owl. Owls appear in many shades and appearances, the browns and golds, the glorious white of the snow owl. I can just picture him swooping into the top of a hand painted Christmas card. (I guess he could deliver it too!)

Finally, perhaps the most holy of birds, the Dove. Long featured in Christmas paintings as the bird of peace. His majestic coat of white feathers portray a feeling of purity and good will.

May he inspire peace in everyone.

Photo Credits - All photos - Pixabay

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