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The Colors of Spring

Do you feel seasons have a color? I often attribute certain colors to certain seasons.

Spring brings rebirth and an explosion of color.

From the first dandelions and daffodils to the forsythia bush, yellow definitely has a place in spring.

Then there are the pinks and purples, in tulips and crocus, hyacinth, and lilacs.

The trees loaded with apple and cherry blossoms.

These and the many shades of each are the colors of spring for me, along with a generous helping of multiple shades of green. While there are plenty more colors and flowers I didn't mention they are to be found. What better inspiration to creativity than the beautiful shades of nature?! What's your color inspiration?

Enjoy the season!

'The earth laughs in flowers' - e.e.cummings

All photos credit - Unsplash, various artists. (Aaron Burden, Annie Sprat, Raimond Klavins, Photeterrestrial, Viridi Green, Artur Łuczka, Wolfgang Hassel Mann & Yoksel Zok.) Please search for these photo artists.

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