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The Decorated Christmas Cookie

What a fun culinary delight for the decorative painter.

Can you think of another baked good that lends itself to decoration as well as the Christmas cookie? Tracing their origins all the way back when they were used to tell the story of the bible, from the 14th century and medieval Germany up until the 17th century. At that time, German and Dutch settlers introduced them to North America and the tradition continues today worldwide.

From gingerbread men to sugar cookies, there is something for everyone's sweet tooth.

The decorating is the fun part, and the decorative painter may very well have the advantage.

Their knowledge of color and design is definitely a leg up when it comes to the adornment of these delectable goodies. Of course, mastering frosting instead of paint can be an adventure.

Along with the traditional cookies exchange and just baking for family, all sorts of new trends have arrived including cookie strolls and cookie classes. A simple search on social media brings up many such adventures. Even Epcot in Walt Disney World has a holiday cookie stroll.

Gingerbread houses are always fun, the adventure of just keeping them held together can be daunting, even for an architect! Kits abound for many different versions...As a grandma who has recently assisted her little builders, I suggest making your own 'glue'!

Outlined cookies like those shown above are a great way to get started and learn to pipe icing. Not to mention the fact they really look intricate!

Color is another interesting choice in decorating cookies, traditional still seems to take center stage but more and more, a break from that tradition gives us fun and beautiful confections.

The one on the top right in the photo below reminds me of the current art of pouring in the painting world. How much fun to experiment with something you can indulge in afterward!

The best can eat your mistakes!

So come on, grab those paintbrushes and measuring cups, and get busy! It's time to bake and decorate a little magic! Happy Holidays!

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All photos - Unsplash & Pixabay - Copyrights held by respective owners.

Search both sites for more information using 'Christmas Cookies'.

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