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The lighthouse...a beacon of hope.

Lighthouses have an interesting history. It begins long ago with fires built on the tops of hills. They served as a warning to those seabound, of reefs and such.

Modern-day lighthouses began to appear at the beginning of the 18th century. With new advances in engineering and more efficient lighting, they became the guardians for many a seaborne vessel. The light they radiated warning the sailors of dangerous hazards, from reefs to rocks and more.

While most lighthouses are now obsolete, due to newer things like radar and computer technology, they do tend to live on in the world of the artist.

The lighthouse has been romanticized by so many and will continue to be so. It is such a wonderful subject for paintings, from canvas to wood, for sleds and skates. The list could go on and will, I am sure.

I even designed a skate pattern once upon a time that had a lighthouse design. Be sure to check out the beautiful skate pattern in this issue of the blog. Pamela Cassidy has created a beautiful example of lighthouse painting.

Merry Christmas!

Please note that all the photos in this article are compliments of They are for inspiration only. If you are interested in painting them, please check with Pixabay for authorization. Just search lighthouse there.

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