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The Ornamental Adornment Challenge!

Here comes a fun challenge to test your creativity.

I am always drawn to the jewelry section in any given craft store, not for the beads or the typical purpose for jewelry findings but rather for the unusual uses I can find for these common pieces.

Bead Landing TM , a popular brand at Michaels® Crafts stores, has been catching my eye for quite some time. Pieces like those shown below are just begging for paint.

There are also other pieces, like the frames or charms from Spare Parts, The Paper Studio from Hobby Lobby® that ask for decoration. These same types of findings can also be found in the Tim Holtz ® line, along with many others.

Your challenge this issue, go 'find' some jewelry pieces and show us what you can do with them. I've given a few examples above and below but you are only limited by your imagination.

Fall, winter, Halloween, Christmas...everyday, florals...

Tip - I do my painting on jewelry with DecoArt Americana® paints and I use the Mini Majestic line of brushes from Royal®. DecoArt's Triple Thick Glaze makes a great finish to the 'framed' pieces, add a thin layer at a time to avoid cloudiness.

C' us what you've got! Send you photos of your reply to this challenge to It's your chance to shine!

All photos and artwork ©2019 Diane Marie Kellogg - Oil Creek Originals, DigiArt by Di

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