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The Paintbrush

Do you know that the creation of the first paintbrush was attributed to our cave-dwelling ancestors over two and a half million years ago? Man would continue to create as the years progressed, from brushes made of split palm leaves to animal hair to the variety has been never-ending. While we will never know for sure what earlier humans used the oldest brushes that have been found were made of animal hair.

How often do we pick up a brush and not even think of its applications throughout history? We are so fortunate in this day and age to have so many art supplies readily available to us.

The paintbrush is one of those everyday items that has evolved into must-haves we seldom think about other than to choose which brush will work best for which application.

I am sharing some links below with some great information about brushes, both current and a look into the history of brushes.


Photo Credits - Pexels, in cascading order...

Pavil Danilyuk

Daian Gan

Steve Johnson

Wallace Chuck

Ravi Kant

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