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The Pet Rabbit.

By Lizzie Lawson

A little bit of poetry to expand your horizons...or at least to get you in a 'fuzzy, happy' mood!

"I HAVE a little Bunny with a coat as soft as down,

And nearly all of him is white except one bit of brown.

The first thing in the morning when I get out of bed,

I wonder if my Bunny's still safe in his little shed.

And than the next thing that I do I dare say you have guessed;

It's to go at once and see him, when I am washed and dressed.

And every day I see him I like him more and more,

And each day he is bigger than he was the day before.

I feed him in the morning with bran and bits of bread,

And every night I take some straw to make his little bed.

What with carrots in the morning and turnip-tops for tea,

If a bunny can be happy, I'm sure he ought to be.

Then when it's nearly bedtime I go down to his shed,

And say 'Good night you Bunny' before I go to bed.

I think there's only one thing that would make me happy quite,

If I could take my Bunny dear with me to bed at night?"

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