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The Pumpkin Patch On Haunted Hill

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

by Phyllis Spaw


Small canvas 2x3 rectangle - Walmart

Mini easel sized to fit this size canvas - Walmart


Circle stencil - I used 23/32 circle for the moon

Checkerboard stencil from #868 Christmas Borders

Rust-oleum matte finish spray sealer

Medium grit sand paper

Spray Sealer



DA101 Dioxazine Purple

DA01 Titanium White

DA194 Marigold

DA067 Lamp Black

DA016 Burnt Orange

DA010 Cadmium Yellow


Papillon #2 round , #18/0 liner Dynasty 3/4” angle , 5/8” stencil brush


Lightly sand the wood easel. Base coat the canvas including the edges in about 3 light coats of Dioxazine Purple. Allow ample drying time in between coats.

Download Line Drawing Here


Pick up some Dioxazine Purple along with some Titanium White and begin adding the sky using the damp 3/4” angle brush. Blend back and forth across the sky all the way down to where it meets the horizon. Keep the lighter color at the bottom near the horizon line. Apply a couple of coats. Pick up some Titanium White and very lightly blend some in the center where the moon will make it a bit brighter. Be careful not to load you brush too heavy. It should be light applications that you build up.


Add the moon in Cadmium Yellow using the circle template with the 5/8” stencil brush, then pick up just a little bit of Burnt Orange and along with some more Cadmium Yellow and lightly tap that in.


Apply the ground in Lamp Black brushing the strokes upward to where the sky meets the horizon using the 3/4” angle. Tap in the lighter color by mixing some more Titanium White into the Lamp Black.


Mix a touch of Lamp Black with some Titanium White and apply it to the house using the #2 round. Allow to dry and apply another coat. Once dry streak some darker grey lines going up and down by mixing a little more Lamp Black into the same mix. Add the windows and roof in Lamp Black. Lightly dry brush some Titanium White on the roof, brushing it downward. Outline the peak of the house in some thinned Lamp Black using the #18/0 liner brush.


Add the bat in Lamp Black using the #2 round.


Mix a very small amount of Lamp Black into some Titanium White and thin it down a bit. Add the trees in this, using the #18/0 liner brush. Thin some Lamp Black down and add some horizontal lines.


Add the pumpkins in Burnt Orange using the #2 round. Add a light, highlight in Cadmium Yellow. Add the stems in Lamp Black.


Add the scarecrow pumpkin head in Burnt Orange using the #2 round. Add the clothing in Marigold. Pick up a little bit of Lamp Black and dry brush a little bit of it on to the clothing, to make it look a bit worn. Add the post that holds him upright and the arms in the same mix as you did the tree. Add the lines on the pumpkin head in Cadmium Yellow using the #18/0 liner brush.


Base coat the easel in about 3 light coats of the Marigold using the 3/4” angle. Add the checkerboard stencil in Lamp Black with the 5/8” stencil brush.


Spray each piece with a couple of light coats of spray sealer and allow to dry.

Phyllis Spaw Designs The Pumpkin Patch On Haunted Hill©️

Photos Credit - Phyllis Spaw

Email: Etsy:

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