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The Season Of Giving.

Christmas is a time for giving, we all know this. Christmas in July is a bit different, as we have mentioned once or twice in the blogs this month. I'd like to start this article by telling you how one artist has spent a good share of her Christmas in July giving for the season.

Linda Lineman is first a porcelain artist, a really good one. She also works in acrylics and has had projects in International Porcelain Artists & Teachers Magazine, Painting World Magazine, Pixelated Palette and in our PWM blog. A talented lady, she has even won ribbons for her work. A visit to her studio, located in the historical National Transit Building in Oil City, is well worth it.

This year she has been commissioned by the UPMC Northwest Hospital in Northwestern Pennsylvania to create 100 porcelain doves. The project, called 'Doves of Peace', will bring much needed monetary support to those patients in need. The ornaments are being placed on a 12 foot tree at the hospital during the coming holiday season. Donations are made and loved ones names are added to the doves. This program is designed to be repeated yearly.

I've seen the doves and the photos don't do them justice.

Linda and her participation with this program reminds me of another of the wonderful ways decorative painters have given to others, the painted Memory Boxes. The Memory Box Artist Program has existed since 1998 and is still going strong. Provided to families of newborns who have passed, they help to preserve the memory of the child. Thanks to all the giving artists who have contributed. For more information go to .

You can also view a beautiful sampling of painted boxes following this link to the HOOT site, a strong supporter of the program.

In the past, decorative artists have raised money for charities with their wonderful talents. Painting bras, yes, you read that correctly, raised money for the Stefanie Spielman Fund for breast cancer research. You can view the fun and ingenious results here at the HOOT website.

I'm sure there are many more giving programs that involve decorative painting. Many need support on a year long basis. Check with your local chapter, on social media and at conventions to find out what you can do to help with your talent.

May your holiday season be a fulfilling one!

Photos Credit - Diane M Kellogg

You can see more of Linda's work on her website at .

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