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The Season of the Witch

A Pictorial Essay

A journey into the past, a look at how witches have been perceived in art through the ages. Some offer a light-hearted look while others envision an all too real terror. The following images have all been found in the public domain.

Circa 1880. Artist unknown.

The Witches Sabbath by Sebastiaan Vrancx or Jacob Isaacsz. van Swanenburg, circa 1600-1610.

Illustration of witches from The Devil in Britain & America, circa

The Witch from the Wizard of Oz, played by Margaret Hamilton, with Judy Garland circa 1939.

No further information.

Examination of a Witch by Tompkins Harrison Matteson, circa 1853.

The Salem Witch by the Tichnor Bros, circ 1930 - 1945.

Hallowe'en, circa 1910. Author unknown.

Poster art for 'I Married a Witch', United Artists, circa 1942.

A Visit to the Witch by Edward Frederick Brewtnall, circa 1882.

Hallowe'en by Raphael Tuck and Sons, circa 1908.

...but come into the current and you get this...not meant to scare at all...

Photo Credit + Design ©2021 Diane Marie Kellogg- Oil Creek Originals

Cover Photo Credit - Vino Li, Unsplash.

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