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The Simple Joy of the Snowman!

The simple joy of a snowman. Whether we are building him out of new-fallen snow or watching him in our favorite cartoon, the snowman has been around a long time. The first recorded history occurred in 1380 with an illustration in a medieval book.

Photo Credit - Lisa Baird PIXABAY

In the middle ages, snowmen were very popular, falling snow was free and sculpting snowmen became a way to express their creativity.

Photo Credit - D L McCarragher PIXABAY

The 'Miracle of 1511' saw 6 weeks of snowfall in Brussells and many snowmen. A varied display that ran the gambit from political to a bit promiscuous, it was a unique display of creative genius.

Snowman on the Beach - Photo Credit tshatzel PIXABAY

Snowmen have traveled throughout time and made appearances in movies, advertising, music, and more.

Sandy Snowman - WDW Photo Credit - ©2019 DMK-OCO

Decorative painting has brought new life to the snowman and continues to do so today. An ever-popular painting subject, you can find many designs of snowmen in books and packets. It's time to start your Christmas in July...let's paint!

The author with one of her favorite snow guys. Taken with permission in WDW, Florida. ©2020 DMK-HLK-OCO

Photo Credit - Cover Photo -Gaby Stein PIXABAY

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