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The Spring Delight!

by Sivanvitha Juturu

"I love to paint butterflies and I just added my own touch of painting style to bring this to life. Butterflies cherish the spring."


White Canvas Board 8X10 inch BO7QG9VBVW HOMESTRAP

Acrylic Paints:

Folkart® Multisurface

● 2917 Classic green

● 2912 Daffodil yellow

● 2938 Titanium White

● 2914 Limegreen

● 2957 PureBlack

● 2903 Pure orange

● 2947 Sunflower

● 2900 Cardinal Red

● 2929 Perfect Purple


● 1046320 Prussian Blue


● AS-13-7 Decoart® Matte Sealer/Finish Spray



● Flat Brush 3/4th inch 50603

● Flat Brush 1/2inch 50603

● Liner brush Size 2 1059

● Flat brush Size 4 1059

● FIlbert brush Size 4 1205


● Rigger brush Size0 BRAMBR12

● Any big makeup mop brush

Miscellaneous Supply:

● Paper towels

● Pencils

● Water bin

● Pallet Paper

● Grey Transfer Paper

● Masking Tape



● Initially keep the following colors ready, Classic Green (50%) + Prussian Blue (20%) + Black (30%), Lime Green, Sunflower. Loading the 3/4" flat brush with the following colors randomly, put it on canvas. Using a dry mop brush with a very light touch blend all the colors as shown below.

● Let the background dry and transfer the line drawing as shown below.

Orange Flower:

● Load the ½" flat brush with Pure Orange and base coat the flower.

● Sideload the ½" flat brush with Pure Orange (50%)+ Burnt Sienna(50%) and add shadows on the bottom side of each petal as shown below.

● Now load the chisel edge of the ½" flat brush with a small amount of Pure Orange and add the shading on each petal.

● Step by step start adding incremental amounts of Daffodil Yellow and add the highlights using a layering technique.

Center of the flower:

● Sideload the ½" flat brush with Pure Orange (50%)+ Burnt Sienna(50%) and add shadows on the bottom side of the center.

● Load the dry liner brush #2 with a small amount of Pure Orange and incremental amounts of Daffodil Yellow. Now dab the top corner of the center with the colors using a layering technique.

● Finally, add Titanium White to the same dirty brush and add the final highlight.

● Load the same dirty brush with Cardinal Red and add some pollen as shown in the figure.


● For the butterfly wings load the flat brush #4 with Orange, Sunflower, Titanium White(50%)+ Cardinal Red (50%) in the places shown in the picture.

● Load flat brush #4 with Black and apply to the black areas. In the narrow areas, we can use rigger brush size 0.

● Load the liner brush #2 with Titanium White and apply the dots on the body and other areas shown in the picture.

● Highlight the wings by loading filbert brush size 2 with small amounts of titanium white to the colors mentioned above.

● Load the dry rigger brush size 0 with Titanium White and highlight the legs.

● For the purple flash around the flower, sideload the 3/4th" flat brush with Perfect Purple (50%) + Titanium White (50%) and brush around the flower.

● The stem is painted with Classic Green and highlighted with Titanium White using a layering technique.


Following the manufacturer's directions seal the surface with several light coats of matte spray varnish, allowing appropriate drying time between coats.



Project & Photos © Sivanvitha Juturu

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