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Things to do...

Photo Credit Gino Crescoli - Pixabay.Com

Many of us wait in a self-imposed and/or government suggested exile, while we stand by to see if social distancing will work and stop the Covid19 virus. (Kudos to those who still work and do what they can to get us all through this.)

In the meantime, we suddenly find time to fill. I have decided to make a list.

Things to do...

1. It's a perfect time to clean your studio or painting area. Spring is here and we would do the spring cleaning anyways. Sort and conquer, prepare to donate supplies you don't use. Organize those you do.

2. This is a great time to finish all those UFOs. Grab the paint and get to work.

3. Check out the free projects provided here on the blog. These are all provided by the artists and Painting World Magazine. They are only available for a limited time so save them to your computer to use later. Once they are gone you can contact the designers/artists to purchase them directly.

4. Surfing...and not the kind that involves a big old board and water. Surfing the web can be a great way to pass time while also learning things. Now is the time to check out places like Pinterest.Com, and, YouTube.Com There are so many learning tutorials related to painting and creating. Just do a search for what interests you. Want to see what's new in the creative world?, search Search Facebook for tutorials, a lot of artists and designers are offering free lessons to help pass the time.

5. Join our Art Journal Challenge. Send me pics! We can all learn together...and I won't be so lonely!

6. Shop online. This is a tough time for a lot of businesses and if they have an online presence you can help support them.

7. Paint for yourself, take time to paint that special project for your kitchen or the landscape for above your living room sofa. Whatever you have been putting off, now is the time. (I really should follow my own advice...I have a ton of projects for the home waiting on me.

8. Paint something for outside, brighten up everyone's world a little bit. I actually followed through on this one.

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9. Start painting for Fall & Christmas shows, many already do but this extra time should see many full tables at those upcoming shows.

10. Homeschooling? Now is your time to shine as far as art class goes. Search online for projects that will have your kids begging for more. There seems to be no end to the myriad of ideas available out there.

11. Catch up on art-related television programming. Media suppliers like Netflix carry shows like the Bob Ross PBS series and interesting art documentaries. PBS has always been a great place for art-related programming. Search whatever platforms you have available to you.

12. Try a new art or craft. Mixed media, clay modeling, crocheting... there are so many options out there. Give one of them a try.

I'm sure there are a lot more choices out there. I tried to stick to art-related ideas but don't forget about fun things like watching a program with your family. If you are by yourself it's a great time to binge-watch a 'new to you' program. Crank up some music and sing your hearts out. Go for a walk in fresh air or turn on that exercise program you have been wanting to try.

There is always that tried and true, 'don't want to do' housework...I think I'll go get my paints out instead!


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