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Time for Palooza...

The OKC Painting Palooza. Their current show, titled 'Show Your Patriotic Colors' will be held from October 22-29, 2022 at the Sheraton Hotel / Reed Center in Midwest City, Oklahoma. on the photo above to be taken to their website.

The following is a list of exhibitors taken from their web pages, effective as of 9/1/22.

OKC Painting Palooza Exhibitor List

Bobbie Campbell, CDA Designs

Bobbie Campbell

Brushes & More

Ken Bentsen

Cindy’s Brush Strokes

Cindy Makowski

Cottage Caboodle

Lisbeth Stull

Country Primitives

Maxine Thomas

Debbie Cushing

Debbie Cushing

Erika Joanne Art

Erika Joanne

Gayle’s Art Enterprises

Gayle Oram

General Pencil Co.

Kathi Hanson

Jo Sonja’s, Inc.

Mark Jansen

Just Fine Designs

Sandy LeFlore

Just Us

Helen Stadter/Noreen Burgess

Kathy Denneler

Cherry Blossoms

Life Among the Gourds

Sue Taber

Lonna Lamb Design

Lonna Lamb


Diane Ramsey

Mark Polomchak

Marlene’s Folk Art

Marlene Kreutz

Paula Leopold, LLC

Paula Leopold


Doug Frederickson

Porcelain by Joyce Nickell

Joyce Nickell

Robar Designs / Etchall

Barbara Bordelon

Rol Publications

Cheri & Larry Rol

Sandy McTier Designs

Sandy McTier

Scharff Brushes

Greg & Kate Ingram


Miho Halsey

The Creative Coach

Laurie Speltz

Timber Ridge Designs

Judy Ribitch

Turtle Hollow Artists

Darla Foreman

Viking Woodcrafts

Painting World Magazine

Curtis Smith

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