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Under the Sea!

by Marlene Fudge CDA


Create this brightly colored under the sea design on this multi-use zippered money bag. Painted with DecoArt Stylin Paints that work amazing on this surface.


It is so hard to believe that I have been decorative painting for over 25 years! I have had the pleasure of having my designs published in numerous magazines and e-zines as well as teaching both locally and at conventions. I am very proud to be a DecoArt Helping Artist as well as a Dynasty Brand Specialist. My painting has given me so many wonderful opportunities and I have met the greatest friends along the way.



6” x 11” Multi-Purpose Leatherette Money Bag with Zipper (

Brushes: Dynasty Black Gold

#4 Round- 206R

#5/0 Liner- 206 L

#6 & #14 Shader- 206S

¼” Deerfoot Stippler- 300

Paints: DecoArt Stylin Paint












Miscellaneous Supplies:

Traditions Crystal Seahorse Pendant (Item #855577,

The Jewelry Shoppe 12mm Lobster Clasp with 6mm Jump Ring ( Item #1425560,


Rubbing Alcohol


Wipe the entire surface of the bag with alcohol using a paper towel for better adhesion. Let dry. Transfer the design onto the bag using light transfer paper and the stylus. (Line drawing and downloadable link below.)


Mix together equal parts of Orange + White. Use the #4 Round to basecoat all the fish. Use the liner to extend the fins out to a nice sharp point. Use the #6 Shader to shade along the bottom of the fish and the lower part of the tail with Chestnut.

Mix together White + a touch of the fish mixture. Use the stippler brush to stipple on some highlights on the top half of the fish.

Add a touch of water to Chestnut to make an inky consistency. Use the liner to add the little fine lines in the tail, the fins, and the gills. Use the liner brush to add the eye with Black. Add a tiny sparkle in the eye with White. Outline the eye with Chestnut using the liner.


Use the liner to outline the bubbles with White that has been thinned with a touch of water. Use the Shader to float a small amount of White on one side of the inside of the bubble to give the appearance of being transparent. See the image above.


Use the #14 Shader to float Chestnut along the bottom of the bag for the ground.

Spiky Plants on the left and bottom:

Use the liner brush and Turquoise to add these plants. Dip the liner brush into Aqua and pull a stroke of color in from the tips of these plants.


Mix together Blue + Green (2:1) and use the round brush to add the grass along the bottom. Use the #6 Shader to highlight the grasses on the sides towards the center of the bag with Turquoise.

Pom-pom Plants:

Use the round brush to add the stems of these plants with Chestnut. Mix together equal parts of Green + Blue. Use the liner brush to add the little grasses on the stems. (Hint: I like to turn the surface upside down and pull the strokes towards me.) Add a touch of White to this mixture to lighten and add some highlight strokes to the grasses.

Shells and Starfish:

Mix together equal parts of Beige + Chestnut and using the liner brush, add the little starfish and shells on the bottom. Using the liner, add some tiny White dots on the center of the starfish. Add a highlight of White on top of the shells.

Purple Coral:

Add a touch of White to Purple to lighten it up a bit. Use the #4 round to add the coral at the bottom by pulling “shaky” strokes down to the stem. Add these randomly along the bottom.


Load a small amount of White onto the Deerfoot Stippler. Wipe off most of the paint onto a paper towel. With the paint left in the brush, lightly brush on the sunbeams into the water. This should be very soft. See the image above.


Let dry well. Erase any remaining transfer lines. Attach the charm onto the zipper.


Original WORD File

Editor's Note - The talented Marlene is also an Exclusive Designer at our sister company, Viking Woodcrafts.

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