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  • Diane M Kellogg

Valentine's Day Cards

Who doesn't love getting a brightly colored card full of hearts on Valentine's Day?!

Public Domain Valentine's Postcards. Wikimedia Commons.

From the handmade to store-bought, these lovely tokens of romance and caring can brighten your world.

Photo Credit - Pixabay.Com

A little information...

The history of Valentine's Day is attributed to St. Valentine but the mystery is which one? Click here to read more...

Photo Credit - Pixabay.Com

Some also credit the poet Chaucer for inventing Valentine's Day with his 699 line poem 'The Parlement of Foules. Learn more here...

Public Domain Image. Wikimedia Commons.

Whatever the reason, it's fun not only to send but to receive these precious cards. For the creative soul, there is satisfaction in the creation of the card.

Photo Credit - Pixabay.Com

Do what makes you happy, create your own card or share one made by others. Rejoice in the romance! Bestow your hearts on those you love!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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