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Visiting the Village...

by Diane Marie Kellogg

Santa and his reindeer course through the air as the village below silently sleeps amid the glistening of snow.



10 Layered Christmas Box #207-1162



DA160 Antique Maroon

DA083 Black Forest Green

DA257 Bleached Sand

DA319 Burlap

DA259 Cocoa

DA137 Deep Blush

DA133 Hauser Dark Green

DA131 Hauser Light Green

DA132 Hauser Medium Green

DA163 Honey Brown

DA067 Lamp Black

DA085 Midnight Blue

DA07 Moon Yellow

DA301 Red Alert

DA273 Saffron Yellow

DA068 Slate Grey

DA155 Soft Black

DA01 Snow (Titanium) White

DA357 Thicket

DA078 Warm Beige

DA40 Williamsburg Blue


DA071 Extreme Sheen Metallic Paint – Glorious Gold

DA245 Dazzling Metallic Paint – Rich Espresso

DGG18 Galaxy Glitter-Clear Ice Comet

DAS37 Glamour Dust-Crystal

Mediums by DecoArt®:

Media Matte Medium

Americana Matte Spray Sealer/Finisher Medium


Royal Langnickel®:

Old brushes for basecoating and applying matte medium.

Zen 273A - ½” angular shader

Mini Majestic Series – #4 angular shader, 30/0 Monogram, 20/0 Spotter


Paper Towels


Old Toothbrush or Spattering Tool

Disposable nail file or sandpaper stick.

Tim Holtz® idea-ology Layering Stencil-Splash #THS080.

(Or any embossing type stencil of your choice.)

Gorilla® Glue Clear Grip Contact Adhesive – Walmart®.com

Your choice of scrapbook paper or card stock for the background.


If desired, seal the piece with your choice of sealer. For the sample, I painted direct to the surface.

I’ve numbered each piece so you can see what order it goes together in. Note – Layer #1 is the base or bottom layer and each layer counts up from there.

Below - Different examples of backgrounds.

On piece #1 you will attach a piece of the card stock or scrapbooking paper (Cut larger than the surface.) to the surface, using the matte medium. Carefully smooth out the paper and stretch towards the outer edges, pushing out wrinkles as you go. Once this dries, trim the edges using a nail file or sandpaper stick, sanding away from you.

Base Painting Instructions:

Layer # 1: The base layer of the house is ready once you have followed the steps above for preparation. I did paint the edges with Soft Black to hide the paper edges. (It turns out Soft Black seems to be a perfect match for the edges of layered pieces that are laser cut. At least in this instance.)

Painting Instructions:

Be sure to apply many thin coats and try not to let paint go over the edges. (If it does you can use Soft Black to cover it up.) I did allow the ‘snow’ to go some edges. You will paint each layer following the photos.

All Layers

Trees: Base trees with Hauser Medium Green. Shade with Hauser Dark Green. Highlight with Hauser Light Green. Add Snow (Titanium) White for snow on branches. Coat trees with Galaxy Glitter-Clear Ice Comet.

Snow on Ground: Base with multiple layers of Snow (Titanium) White. Once coverage is good, coat with a layer of Galaxy Glitter-Clear Ice Comet, while still wet sprinkle with Glamour Dust–Crystal. (Make sure any Galaxy Glitter on your trees has completely dried before adding Glamour Dust to snow on the ground.)

Santa & Deer Layer #2: Base Santa’s sled in Hauser Dark Green, shade with Black Forest Green (Add a touch of Soft Black if you prefer it darker.)Trim and ‘S’ are done with Glorious Gold Metallic.

Santa is dressed in Tuscan Red, shaded with Antique Maroon. The highlight is Red Alert. The Trim is Snow (Titanium) White. His hair and beard are based with Bleached Sand, shaded with Honey Brown. His flesh is Warm Beige, shaded with Deep Blush. His mittens are Lamp Black. His bag is based with Burlap, shaded with Honey Brown.

The reindeer are based with Cocoa, shaded with Burnt Umber. Their nose and hoofs are also Burnt Umber. I left their antlers unpainted and the color of the wood. The harness and reins are done with Tuscan Red, the trim is Glorious Gold.

The moon is based with Saffron Yellow, shaded with Honey Brown and the highlight is Moon Yellow.

The ‘puffy’ area above the trees is based with Honey brown and then painted with Glorious Gold Metallic. The embossed-looking stenciling is done with Rich Espresso Metallic.

Layer #3: No painting needed.

One Building Layer #4:

The building is based with Thicket, shaded with Midnight Blue. The wreath is made with dots of Hauser Medium Green and Tuscan Red. The snow is Snow(Titanium)White. Finish the snow on the roof with the Galaxy Glitter and Glamour Dust as shown in the TREES step above.

Layer #5: No painting needed.

Two Building Layer #6:

The house on the right is based with Williamsburg Blue, shaded with Midnight Blue. The house on the left is based in Midnight Blue and shaded very lightly with a touch of Soft Black. The rest is as stated in layer #4.

Layer #7: No painting needed.

Two Building & Pole Light Layer #8:

The house on the right is based with Burlap, shaded with Burnt Umber. The Trim is Lamp Black. The house on the left is based with Tuscan Red and shaded with Antique Maroon. The roofs on both are Lamp Black. The chimney smoke is Slate Grey with a bit of Snow (Titanium) White for a highlight. Florals on both houses and the light are done with Hauser Dark Green and Tuscan Red. The pole light is Lamp Black with a bit of Snow (Titanium) White for definition. Snow on the roof is done as stated in the TREES steps above.

Layer #9: No painting needed.

Top Layer #10:

Follow the directions in Layer #2 for the ‘puffy’ area and frame.

Follow the TREES steps above for the trees and the steps above for the snow.


Glue the pieces together before spraying to finish. Be careful and use a toothpick to apply glue if needed.

Once it dries spray the piece to seal it.


While working on this I have tried to figure out a way to add a light so it would shine out the cut areas within the design. I’m still at it. If anyone comes up with an idea that works, please share!

©2023 Diane Marie Kellogg - Oil Creek Originals

Download Visiting the Village Original Word File Here

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