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Here is a round up of some things I am looking for here at the PWM Blog.

1. I am looking for submissions from designers and artists, new or established, for 2020.

All holidays and everyday, along with these subjects for special issues...steampunk, Day of the Dead, home decor and picnic!

I am also looking for design pieces that incorporate both a recipe and a painted item...for example, a recipe box and matching recipe or a bowl and the recipe to match what you paint on it. Recipes should be your own or if a relatives, get written permission to use it.

2. I am looking for some more responses to the creativity challenges. It can be any of the challenges published to date. There is no time limit. Send your take on any of the challenges. You will get your photos on the blog, along with kudos for taking the challenge.

Check out Debbie's 'Challenge Accepted!' in this issue of the blog.

3. I'm looking for painting groups to feature in a new, reoccurring series. You can view the first in the series in this issue of the blog.

4. If you know of any educational or local trade events that would be of interest to fellow painters, please send me the information.

Send your response to any of the above to PWMBLOGEDITOR@GMAIL.COM

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