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Watercolor Heart

by Sivanvitha Juturu

I have created a floral wreath with watercolors because this medium does wonders with blending, shading, and shadows in such a way that it is quite easy and subtle. The final look is a colorful wreath with greens.


Brustro 100% watercolor, Cold-Pressed 300gsm A4size Paper

Watercolor Paints:

Brustro - Creative Hands Art Materials

● Sapgreen ‎ BRWC1224

● Lemon Yellow BRWC1224

● Rose Madder BRWC1224

● Cadmium Orange BRWC1224

● Scarlet BRWC1224

● Purple BRWC1224

● Cerulean Blue BRWC1224

● Yellow Ocher BRWC1224

● Burnt Umber BRWC1224


Princeton Heritage

● Round brush Size 6 4050R-6

Miscellaneous Supplies:

● Watercolor pallet

● Tissues

● Water in 2 jars

● Pencil


● I always like to use 2 jars of clean water, so that 1 jar is used for warm colors and the other jar for cool colors.

● It is important to transfer the diagram with a pencil, no other mediums ( transfer papers) are used as they may bleed while using watercolors.



Paint the stems using the tip of the size 6 round brush with Burnt Umber. Paint consistency is opaque and thick yet watery.

● Leaves are painted with a size 6 round brush with Sap Green by just touching the tip of the brush (from thin) and pressing the belly of the brush on paper (to thick stroke). We call this type of stroke 'compound strokes.' This will be opaque paint.

●The next set of leaves will be Light Green, with the Sap Green and Lemon Yellow added equally.

●We can also add a few more light leaves by just lightening the color by removing some Sap Green in water.

Red/ pink bud flowers:

● The bud flowers are painted by touching the tip of a round brush and making an inverted U shape and coming back to the tip. When we make the U shape we should increase the pressure by touching the belly of the brush to paper. Likewise, we can add 3 or 2 petals.

● For the pink flowers, we use Rose Madder and for a variant look we can have different values of the rose by just shaking the brush with some paint in water, this lightens the color.

● For the red flowers, I mixed Rose Madder and Scarlet in equal quantities.

Full open flowers:

● These flowers are painted by touching the tip of the round brush and applying pressure with the belly of the round brush, this can be done twice separate for each petal. Likewise, we can paint 5 petals. Centers can be painted with Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber dots.

● We again have pink and orange flowers here, for pink I used Rose Madder and for orange, I used Cadmium Orange.

● For variation and a natural look, we can change the values of petals by just shaking some paint in water for different petals.


● To paint the rose, first, we will paint a thin stroke with opaque paint from the center and gradually reduce the color with thick strokes, the last petals have to be very light. We can poke some petals with thick paint when they are wet to darken. All petals should have a very thin gap and be tightly packed.

● I painted Cerulean Blue, Purple, and Rose Madder color roses.

The other half of the wreath:

● Here again, we can begin with the same format ie., by painting the leaves and flowers as painted previously. We can either choose to do the same flowers on both sides or use a different configuration as I did.

Finish as desired.

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