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What Bugs You...

Often we interact with insects without even thinking about it...a simple swat here or a panic there. Have you ever stopped to admire the beauty of insects? They are a great subject for the painter. Many are ever-changing sources of color, some with an iridescence that speaks of magic. Granted, there are some who are scary...which makes them great subjects for a Halloween painting! Here are a few photos to perhaps get you past the scary and into the creative enjoyment of the world of insects...after all, they do outnumber us by about 200 million to one.

Photo Credit - Cindy Gustafson - Pexels.

Photo Credit - Danielsfotowelt - Pixabay.

Beetles Russia and Western Europe by Georgiy Jacobson and O. Somina, circa 1905-1915.

Photo Credit - Myriams Fotos - Pixabay.

Photo Credit - Arie Versluis - Pexels.

Photo Credit - Ractapopulous - Pixabay.

Photo Credit - GDJ - Pixabay.

Photo Credit - GDJ - Pixabay.

Insects, Butterflies, and a Grasshopper by Jan van Kessel, circa 17th Century.

Photo Credit - Prawny - Pixabay.

Learn more about insects at the Smithsonianian website,

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