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What is Steampunk?

The concept of steampunk is really quite simple. Think what life might be like if we had gone in a different direction and rather than the advanced technology we enjoy today we instead live in a world powered by steam.

This science fantasy world is fascinating. There are many movies and books that take you into this mechanical world. Cos-play, the act of dressing up as your favorite characters, usually for conventions, abounds with steampunk-inspired looks.

It is fun to see steampunk slipping into the world of art. The avant-garde aspects of steampunk lend themselves very well to the decorative painting world. The combination of fun props such as gears and clocks, googles and top hats all give fun new mixed-media projects a whole new outlook.

Add to that the wonderful availability of steampunk-themed or inspired crafting products available from designers such as Tim Holtz and Andy Skinner, the possibilities are endless.

Gears stencils have become very popular. Rubber stamps have also joined the party.

We have also got some wonderful pattern designers that often have that quirky touch in their creations, from the Steampunk Honey Bees by Cindi Estes to the 3-D Steampunk Pumpkin by Chris Thornton. The designers are out there if you look for them.

I hope this inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and into the world of steampunk.

Merchandise Sources Cindi Estes (Photo used with Cindi's permission.) Andy Skinner

Pixabay Photo Credits - DarkWorkX, Oberholster Venita, Prettysleepy, Enrique Meseguer

Group costume photo - DigiArt by Di

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