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What's Up with Conventions?

The decorative painting convention has been such a staple of the industry. A way for painters out there to learn and network with their favorite designers, a time to see what's new both in product and creativity. They are also a great way to socialize with other painters...from the camaraderie of a shared class to meeting for lunch, from admiring a class project to sharing ideas and stories...the community of painters is great! (You can click on the photos below to go to sites with more information. All photos borrowed from their respective sites.)

Unfortunately, the number of conventions available to us has shrunk over the years. However, while we still have a few of the traditional style painting conventions remaining.

First up, in calendar order...

The New England Traditions convention, in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Next, is the OKC Painting Palooza in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

There are also new arenas opening up to us.

Conferences such as the Pinner's Conferences are bringing a fresh new look at a variety of media, including painting. While there aren't the traditional painting classes they do offer a variety of classes from food-based to home decor, a variety of different style crafting techniques and so much more. Based on interests posted on the website , they now have 8 different conferences in eight different states. Erika Joanne, who has exhibited at Pinners, has this to say..."The Pinners Conference is a super fun event focused on DIY favorites! It is held in various states around the country with options in self-improvement, crafts, art, photography, scrapbooking, and much more! Classrooms are located around the perimeter of the show floor with vendor booths and Make & Takes in the center. An awesome variety of classes are available. They are like sampler classes, each being an hour long. A fun way to try something new. Two days of classes and shopping."

The Society of Decorative Painters or SDP is having a party! While they discontinued their painting convention they are celebrating 50 years of Decorative Painting with classes in Las Vegas in August 2022.

Another arena would be the number of online classes available online. Some are free and others charge fees, all are great for the ease of attending and learning. A search on social media will bring you many choices. Channels such as YouTube® offer many classes and tutorials on just about all aspects of painting and crafting. Retail sites often offer free tutorials too.

It's great to see familiar faces along with new ones at the traditional painting conventions that still exist.

It's also great to see a whole new set of faces at the newer conferences, such as Pinners. Hopefully those that get a taste of painting there will look to other sources to continue learning decorative painting.

May the online classes be full and continue to offer a place for those who want to learn.

Cover Photo - Compliments Elaina Appleby.

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