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What to paint?

The past few months I wrote a daily blog that included a lot of posts about what was being celebrated on a given day. I'd like to make a suggestion about those can access the daily calendar at and see what is notable for any given day. For instance, May 16 is Drawing Day and May 20 is Notebook Day. This calendar is perfect for suggestions for painting or creating.

May 16 would be a great day to pull out your pencils and paper and get drawing.

On May 20, you could grab a notebook, paint the cover and fill it with art.

May 20 is also World Bee Day ...

and Pick Strawberries Day...

There are a lot of days celebrated for a lot of reasons, from World Wildlife Day to Endangered Species Day to Hug Your Cat Day... it is the perfect inspiration to get creating. when you just can't decide what to paint.

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Tim Arterbury - Unsplash, Rahul Pandit - Unsplash, Heather Pague - Pixabay, Tim Arterbury - Unsplash, Clker Free Vector Images - Pixabay, Margaret Jaszowska - Unsplash.

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