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Widow's Moon!

A mixed media project from Kole Hunt.


DecoArt® Americana Acrylics:


Basecoat: Lamp Black

Alizarin Crimson

Lamp Black



Basecoat: Sunny Day

Sunny Day

Bright Yellow

Antique Gold

Lemon Yellow

Snow White


Basecoat: Lamp Black

Lamp Black

Snow White

Alizarin Crimson

Citron Green


Dangling Web:

Basecoat: Snow White

Highlight tips: Antique Gold


DecoArt® Multi-Purpose Sealer

MOD PODGE Dimensional Magic


Royal & Langnickel®:

Aqualon: Glaze/Wash, Series R2700, 8/4" (For base coating larger areas.)

Angular Shader, Series R216ß, 1/2" (For shading and high lighting.)

Round. Series R2250 5,7 or 8 (For base coating smaller areas.)

Liner, Mini Majestic 30/0 (For line work.)

Your Choice of Dry Brush and/or Stencil Brush


Paper Towels


Craft Drill and a 5/64th or 3/32nd Drill Bit

Jewelry Pliers

E6000® Glue

Needle or Punch to make a 2mm Hole

bead landing™ Cable Necklaces

bead landing™ Gears 100pc

bead landing™ Steampunk Charms 5pc

bead landing™ Assorted Jump Rings

The Paper Studio® 12x12 Black Crinkle Scrapbook Paper (698399)

The Paper Studio® Brads 100pc (596064)

Tree House Studio®9x12 Peel & Stick Black felt

Explorer by Traditions™ Steampunk Hat Charm

Woodpile Brand Mini Hinges (469197)

Woodpile Brand Tear drops, Ovals, Circles 60pc (1929926)

Black Serpentine Clock Hands SKU: 472449 ;optional

Prep: Basecoat two wood teardrops Lamp Black and let dry. Basecoat, the crescent moon with Sunny

Day, let dry and apply a second coat.

Take your black crinkle paper, trace two bat wings, and repeat this on the peel and stick felt. Cut the bat wings out.

Once cut, peel the backing of the felt off and adhere the crinkle bat cutout to it. If any of the adhesive is showing, please trim it. Pick up a mix of Lamp Black and Alizarin Crimson and stipple the color on with a dry brush or stencil brush until the wing is saturated and has a mottled effect with black and Crimson.

While still wet, take a stiff brush and randomly lift small areas of color in the wing body. Paint the wing skeleton using Buttermilk. You want the wings to have a ruddy appearance *see photo. The crinkle paper has an excellent effect on the paint. Once dry, take your dry brush and put in the black shadows on the wing skeleton. Once this dries, go back and lightly highly the interior ruddy areas *see photo. If the Buttermilk appears too bright, softly dry brush a very light muddy mix of Buttermilk and Lamp Black, and make sure you run it out of your brush until it is faint; otherwise, it will go on to boldly.

Once dry, you will cut the wings in half, as shown in the photo. Clearcoat the wings with multi-purpose sealer.

Assembling the Bats: With the wing laying flat, size up the hinge placement and mark the holes with a visible mark. This is where you will put your holes to fasten the wings to the hinges. Once the holes are made, put the brads through the wing and hinge, securing the brad tails. When you have all the wings fastened to the hinges, you can line them up on the bat body wood teardrops, making sure you mark the holes. Gently predrill the holes as the wood is delicate and can split. Now attach the wings to the body and secure them with the brads.

Drill a small hole in the center of the bottom edge of the round area of the one bat so that the chain and spider can be affixed to it after the gears are glued. Select your eyes and body gears and secure them with E6000. Let these dry completely before working with them. Cut the chain to length and connect it to the points of the bat wings with jump rings. Remember to make your holes first. Cut a three-inch piece of chain and attach it to the hole in the bottom of the bat body, then connect the other end to the small spider with a jump ring.

Detail to Spiders: With your detail brush, pick up some thinned Zinc and highlight the jointed areas of the spider legs. Once dry, brush some soft Snow White highlights on the joints of the legs and body.

Paint the Widow circles with Crimson. Once dry, take a detail brush with a light mix of white place highlights to accent the body—dot on the spider eyes with Citron Green. When dry, clearcoat with multi-purpose sealer. Then apply the Dimensional Magic on the Crimson dots to produce a 3D effect. Let dry for 24 hours.

Glue the tophat on the largest spider that hangs on the dangling web. Use E6000 and

let dry for 24 Hours.

Crescent Moon detail and Webbing: With your brush, pick up some Snow White and

bright yellow. With even strokes bring the color down the surface. Do not overwork the colors so that they work into a single shade. Keep your brush moist so the paint lays nicely with each stroke producing and gradient shade of colors. Work in a little Antique Gold on the edges, as shown in the photo. This needs to be wet on wet. Once dry, dry brush a little more detail using the Antique Gold. Allow the surface to dry for a day before you add the spider webs.

Apply your web pattern. Now you are ready to paint the webs using a liner brush and Snow

White paint. Allow to dry completely. You will need a very faint wash of Antique Gold to produce the web line shadows. Pay close attention to the side where you apply the shadow lines. If you do it incorrectly, it will taint the project and its overall dimensional appearance. As you start the shadows with your detail brush, leave a tiny space between the Snow White web and the antique Gold. A skinny line of yellow should be between the Snow White and Antique Gold—clearcoat with multi-purpose sealer. Find a gear a little larger than the hanger hole in the moon because you will want to glue it over

the top of it and let it dry overnight.

Dangling Web and Spider with Tophat: Dry brush the Antique Gold highlights on the web. Clearcoat with multi-purpose sealer. When dry glue gears and steampunk bug charm on the web with E6000. Glue the Spider dead center of the web with the rear of the spider off the web so that you can affix the jump ring attached to the hanging chain to the spider. Let dry before fixing it to the chain.

First, cut 5 to 8 inches of chain depending on where you want the web to hang in perspective to the moon. With a jump ring, attach the chain through the backside of the gear on the hanger hole in the moon. Then attach it to the spider on the web.

I hope you enjoy this creative Halloween steampunk piece as much as I do.


Download PDF File Line Drawing Here.

Design & Photos ©2023 Kole Hunt

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